What is sweeter than affiliate sales when you are busting your bum working long, hard hours trying to figure out all of this “online stuff” any ol’ way?

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I remember those days…thinking if you would just give me the whole ding-dang picture all in one shot, I might have an even chance of making it full-time online? Don’t leave me hanging in the dark with one more upsell so I can get FINALLY get the hang of “making money in my sleep” from that person in New Zealand or the land down under, you know?

And then, hold the phone, it happened! I made a sale while I was sleeping from the land of the kangaroos down under…what was it? Someone bought a “How To Build A Chicken Coop” Ebook from my Clickbank link that I had written a blog post about. I was hooked like a worm on a dangling, fish hook.  Man, this stuff really works.  And I had hope, fresh hope.

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Blogging is so much dang FUN.  It has to do with my teaching degree I chose as a major in college.  I chose teaching out of pure desperation, when I was 20 years old,  just because I HAD to put something down on the form, you know? That deadline and all…

but (alas!) I discovered it was not my calling.

And it has nothing whatsoever to do with my Master’s degree in a concentration in law, which was fascinating, 

So, what IS my calling, you may be wondering. Now, index finger tapping on my keyboard, now THAT is the question.

After much soul-searching and internet hopping in the last 8 years, I have come to the conclusion that I DO love to teach after all, but online instead of in the physical classroom. I have totally fallen in love with affiliate marketing (or promoting other people’s products).


What is working now? What can you do if you are just starting out that will allow you to leap above the mountains of

1. Techie issues to set up a “sales funnel”
2. Writing sales pages
3. Hiring a graphic artist for your pages
4. Building a subscriber list

What could possibly leap all of those in one single bound?

I found it. It’s called Leadpages.

I didn’t really “get it” at first. It is sort of like when a stranger knocks on your door, and you timidly (or not so timidly ask Yes, How can I help you?

That’s what it was like when I first saw their sales page a few months ago.

I was like, What is this? What are they doing? What is the purpose for all of this? Why would I want it? How are people making money with this? Is this something I could ever want? Hmmmm…I think I’ll just click off of this weird video. I don’t know this guy any ‘ol way.

And then I saw it again, and again.

Did you know that most people {including MUAH (me)} have to see a message seven (7) times
7 times
7 times
7 times
7 times
7 times
7 times

Sorry, I know that was annoying but it is just the way our brain is wired…that’s why we see the SAME commercial over and over on our favorite re-run channels.  They are planting a subliminal message in our brain so that when we DO get hungry, and they just somehow KNOW it’s that time of night, where you start CRAVING food…that you’re going to pick up the phone and dial that pizza take-out number, because it’s what??? Peyton (my husband loves Peyton!) is talking about two pizzas for the price of one PLUS a chocolate brownie cookie? Honey, where’s my cell phone?  Quick! Write down that number from that pizza commercial. Ugh!  5 more pounds on the hips, as it goes past the lips.



You can find out how to take this all to the next level in my new course coming out soon called:
An Amazing Guide to Becoming A Super Affiliate Marketer.