When Etsy opened up its marketplace to online sellers who did NOT have to do all of the handmade items by yourself, I was thrilled? What? Me? Who could only put together an ugly stick design could “create” items to sell on Etsy Marketplace with a third party print on demand company? Yes, me! And YOU Can too!  If your idea of drawing looks the same as it did when you were in Kindergarten, you’ve come to the right place.  I’ve partnered with Rachel Rofe to present her “Low Hanging Fruit System” that teaches you how to combine your designs (that you can BUY on Etsy as a png), and upload them to Gearbubble.  Then you take those built-in PHOTO downloads that even include a woman holding the mug, or WEARING the hoodie you designed and create a listing on Etsy, Ebay, Amazon, Bonanza or Wish.com (or any other physical marketplace you can find).Now, this SOUNDS easy, but there are little tips that Rachel will show you in her course that you can find out more about on this post (click here).

Plus, as of now, you can also get my own Teachable course (and all lifetime updates) to get your own empire of mugs, tshirts, hoodies, travel mugs and posters on as many online marketplaces as you possibly can.

Noticed something lately?  All those tried and true department stores declaring bankruptcy? That’s sad for those folks, but shows you the trend of online shopping growing! Who knows? Maybe one day, the only way you can shop, will be online and the only delivery “guys” will be just flying drones!  Amazon is exploding and building new warehouses in other states and putting out notices that they are hiring for their new warehouses.  Why? MORE and more people are buying online, even those who promised they would never do that.

So, what does that mean to you as an online marketer?  You can put your cups, tshirts, hoodies and posters in front of these folks who are looking to buy items like:
A mug for their child’s Math teacher
A tshirt for their Secret Pal at the office
A mug that tells your co-workers when to back off
A tshirt that tells husband that you love fishing with him
And that’s just a drop in the ‘ol online bucket!
The sky is the limit and Rachel is your rocket to show you HOW to find these trending items and HOW she made over $54K for just one mug on Amazon in 2017 (a few months ago).  
Go Watch her Free Masterclass here.
And remember, you also get my Bonus Teachable Class called

“How To Setup A Free Etsy Shop & Add Instant Print On Demand Items In A Jiffy!”