I started my Etsy shop in 2007, but all it heard was “crickets” until the past two months.  I got super SERIOUS about making passive income when my daughter-in-love Britt quit her full-time teaching job to stay home with our grandbaby, just from the income on her Etsy shop (and a few sales on TeachersPayTeachers.)

Now, when that happened, I sat up and thought, why in the world have I left my Etsy shop for dead?  So, I reopened my shop, changed my listings, started studying and went from 0 sales to 40 sales.  Now, I sell mostly coffee mugs, but I am fascinated by those who are gifted with printable digital downloads.

Plus, I’m thoroughly convinced that if you have always wanted to learn how to make money selling Printables on Etsy, the best person to learn from, is the one actually doing it full-time.

That’s exactly how I found Michelle.

I found Michelle Rohr on Pinterest late one night as I was looking for popular sayings to put on my Etsy Shop.  I find funny sayings and then match it to a png file, upload it to Gearbubble and sell it on Etsy, Amazon and Ebay (but mostly Etsy).

So when I saw Michelle’s pin on Pinterest about How She Had Made $30,000 selling printables on Etsy, I was instantly intrigued.  How in the world did she do this when so many Etsy shop owners are struggling to make their first sale? As I went further, I discovered her shop, and her pins that “told her story.”

“I create printables designed to help you in the same way that other peoples’ worksheets helped me on all those nights at the coffee shop. I really connected with the power of setting pen to paper while having a definite intention in mind. Totally blank white paper can freak some people out, and it would be pretty sad if that becomes part of the reason why so many people never seem to sit down and think about their life and write down their goals. So my printables are crafted to guide people through the process of writing things down and making them happen in the most enjoyable, light-hearted way possible.

I’m also really passionate about a system I’ve developed called The Life Binder. Eventually all my worksheets were overwhelming me. I felt scattered and all over the place with my personal development and then I figured out that I craved the feeling of having “everything in one place” so that I could really keep track of my progress. And voila! The Life Binder was born. It supports a process that feels like personal development 2.0.” – Michelle Rohr

Next, I just had to know!  Did she have a course that taught her unique strategy? Happily she replied yes! by email, and below is my affiliate link for you to check it out. I am going through the course now, and it is amazing.  Michelle has an easy to understand way of explaining everything in detail, and I’m learning new golden nuggets in each video.

In Michelle’s words:

“In my first 18 months of selling on Etsy, I made only a few hundred dollars that entire time. BUT after those 18 months, I did a few things differently and ended up generating over $30,000 in passive income over the following 18 months – all from selling printables on Etsy.”

(Kristie’s Update: Michelle has recently calculated her earnings up to $50,000 from selling printables in her Etsy shop. Wow. Double Wow. The best part? These are instantly downloadable digital assets that she doesn’t have to ship, and she only has to create once. Although, she did tell me in our phone conversation, that she creates new editions each year. But, for real? This is FANTASTIC.  I love digital products and information marketing, but this take digital information and puts a “beautiful and useful spin” on it.)

Michelle:  “In this course, I share what I learned that made all the difference for me and helped me go from feeling lucky if I made just $50 in a month on Etsy to now earning $2000 a month from my printables consistently.”

If you’ve ever wondered if you can make money selling Printables on Etsy, wonder no more. Michelle gives you clear concise directions on how to begin, what programs you can use to create your printables to sell, and how to promote your Etsy Shop Printables with consistent pinning on Pinterest. Now, I had heard of consistent pinning with Tailwind and BoardBooster, and am currently using Tailwind for all my automated pinning. But, I felt like I was missing one piece of the piece.  That missing piece was HOW, EXACTLY?  How, when and what should my pins look like on my Pinterest board to get consistent views (and potential sales), to my blog, or Etsy shop? Michelle discusses that in Lesson 12: Getting Traffic from Pinterest to Your Printables.

Hi, I’m Michelle

Avatar me copy

A few years ago, I realized that I had lived the same year twice…and that it wasn’t a good year. In that moment, I decided to take 100% responsibility for my life.

This approach turned out to be the key to becoming the person I needed to be in order to create a life I love.

​​​​​​​Now I get to help other people do the same.

=>You can find Michelle’s course here.

Plus, if you decide to pick up Michelle’s course, you’ll also get my newest guide called “Print Bubble” which is exactly how I find a BEAUTIFUL image, load it up to a coffee mug with a mock-up, put the listing on my Etsy store, and fulfill it with a print on demand company that does ALL the work for me.  All I do is fill out the Etsy’s customer’s name and address! Done.  You’ll get this FREE as my personal bonus gift.  Be sure to combine my strategies with Michelle’s own Pinterest strategies to make the most sales possible! Once you download Michelle’s course, simply send me an email to kchiles@tds.net with the Subject Line: Print Bubble Bonus Please!  And my little elves and I will make sure you get it pronto. – Kristie

The proof is in SALES, not likes, not repins, but SALES.  Michelle already has a successful student named Aimee.

In fact, one of Michelle’s students, Aimee has 197 sales under her belt so far!

“You’ve given me the confidence and push I needed to get started with blogging and printables.” – Aimee

Aimee learned how to make printables to sell on Etsy through Michelle’s course and is happily making consistent sales!

So if you are ready to…

  • learn how to translate your unique knowledge into epic printables
  • tap into an incredible market of people who LOVE all things planner-related
  • make Pinterest work for YOU
  • hear your phone go “cha-ching” all day with sales while you’re not even working
  • …then yes, this is the course you’ve been waiting for. 🙂

=>You can find Michelle’s course here.